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A few additional places you can find some of my work.

Two poems by Scott Price on Sierra Nevada Review blog

Sincere gratitude to the Brian Turner Literary Arts Prize and Sierra Nevada Review for publishing “Fine Dining” and “A Thought While Driving.”

March 6, 2009 at Past Ten

Every essay reflects on what life was like for the contributor ten years ago.

They believe, “It’s just poetry, it won’t bite,” and I agree wholeheartedly.


O-Dark-Thirty is the journal for the Veterans Writing Project.

A Memorial Day 2019 reflection & poem in a local independent news outlet.

My poem “Stewmaking” was selected for We Are Residents Here: Poems from the Bridgewater International Poetry Festival

The poem “Dotage Approaches” appeared in the Red Coyote Literary Journal, University of South Dakota, May 2019

I was honored to have two of my deployment related poems published by The Wrath-Bearing Tree, an online literary journal “established by combat veterans and maintained by a diverse board of veterans, military spouses, and writers…”