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J. Scott Price--A very curious fellow indeed

J. Scott Price is a writer that apparently likes schools that start with the letter “V,” having chosen to attend and gradate from the Virginia Military Institute and the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

He found quite a few unexpected similarities, actually, between the disparate schools–despite starting the second one 25 years after finishing at the first–and found, in the end, he wouldn’t have traded away a single of moment of time from either institution.  He loves them both deeply for the friends, the learning, and the forever homes they have gifted him.

Once A Soldier…

Scott served in the Virginia Army National Guard from 1986 to 2011 and deployed as an infantryman for both Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF).  In case you didn’t know, the military likes to use people’s first names and not their middle names, and that’s why he keeps the “J” around: so the folks who recall “Johnny S. Price,” for both good and ill, will know he is now enjoying exploring the literary world as “J. Scott Price.”

Now A Writer.

It’s quite clear that poetry was, and is, Scott’s gateway drug into the world of letters (see some of his poems online, here) , and though he’s put his poetry manuscript on hold (well, sort of…one can’t entirely step away from such a thing) while he delves into the life of poet William Meredith to write his biography, Scott still writes poetry regularly, revises semi-regularly, submits very infrequently, and has especially enjoyed dabbling with fiction and non-fiction in recent months.

He holds a BA in History from VMI, and a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing and a Publishing Certificate (a semester long deep dive into all aspects of the publishing business) from VCFA.

Service to Others is His  Purpose

He actively volunteers with multiple Veteran Service Organizations and only recently put his enjoyment of barbershop quartet singing on the back burner in order to free up focus for his current writing projects.  In the Spring of 2020 he co-hosted a three week Introduction to Creative Writing class for the Wounded Warrior Project and connected with so many veteran and military family member writers that he now hosts a bi-weekly writing group that is open to any veteran, current service member, or members of their family.

J. Scott Price Writer Photo

The Gifts of Curiosity

I’ll switch over to first person for this last bit 🙂

It’s curiosity that drives my poetry; it’s me trying to figure things out for me.  Once I figured that out, curiosity had another surprise in store and led me to the on hold literary lineage project and then to William Meredith, the biggest project I’m currently working on.  I couldn’t ignore that.

But curiosity apparently doesn’t sleep, because it tapped me on the shoulder again and is driving me to create a few articles that I’ll turn into free reports that are forth coming, things my curiosity has helped me uncover that may be (hopefully) of use to some of you.  Let’s hope so.  I do, at least.

Curiosity, it seems, has befriended me, and keeps life very interesting.

Blue Ridge Life Magazine, Issue #131
Published on Jan 31, 2016
Article begins on page 11 if you’re interested.